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Killing Sacred Cows in Network Marketing

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Killing Sacred Cows in Network Marketing


Most people are held captive in a state of financial dissatisfaction by propaganda, misinformation, and incomplete knowledge.

Many people are kept from becoming rich and living their ideal lives because they lack a foundational understanding of how wealth is created. On this CD, Garrett B. Gunderson challenges the myths surrounding the network marketing industry and introduces key facts about the industry that can help you discover lasting financial prosperity. This CD is a must for mission-driven individuals who:

  • Want to learn the rules that the truly wealthy live by
  • Mistrust the follow-the-herd mentality
  • Desire a purposeful, passionate, and prosperous life
  • Live beyond the conventional formula of settling for a mediocre job
  • Would like to enjoy more freedom today rather than dream of retirement
  • Want a business that offers instant cash-flow and greater control over outcomes
  • Want to get paid for actual productivity rather than solely time and effort
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